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  • Covey Base Camp Systems

    A quail feeder and watering system for wild and early released quail.

  • Less Mess Feed & Water System

    A quail feeding and watering system for Johnny Houses and small holding pens.

  • Books & DVDs

    Quail management videos and DVDs.

  • Electronic Quail Calls

    Total Recall Electronic quail call helps hold your Bobwhite Quail, wild ones or newly released ones, in the area. It is also available in Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, and California quail.

  • Many Ports Feeder

    The Many Ports Feeder is especially designed to feed either quail or pigeons that are being held in either holding or grow out pens. The patented design eliminates wasted feed and keeps bird droppings from contaminating the feed.

  • Covey Range Feeder

    The Covey Range Feeder an economical way to feed either wild or released quail. Keeps feed dry during wet conditions. Provides feed for birds even during harsh winter conditions. Holds 30 pounds of wheat or sorghum.

  • Pigeons

    All of our pigeon related products. Perfect for all of your pigeon needs.

  • Phantom Quail Kennel™

    These products are everything you need for feeding and watering in the Phantom Quail Kennel™ or any large (4'x8' )Johnny House.


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